Pupils to face a 35-hour school week with an extra 100 hours of tuition in a scheme that could cost £15 billion

Students will spend an extra half an hour in class per day under the Governments Covid catch up plans for education. 
All children will receive an extra 100 hours of tuition each year from 2022 with a minimum 35-hour school week, according to the plans drawn up by Sir Kevan Collins, the governments education recovery commissioner.
The leaked document, seen by The Times, suggests an extra year of sixth form education could also be made available if students are unable to complete their courses in time. 
The £15bn plan for pupils in England proposes extra tutoring for five million pupils and training for 500,000 teachers. 
The 56-page document cites three Ts as being crucial to the catch-up effort: time, teaching and tutoring. 
How the extra 100 hours of schooling are spread out is likely to be at the discretion of schools but adding the extra time evenly throughout the academic year would extend the average school day by around half an hour. 
Boris Johnson has reportedly been briefed by Sir Kevan on his findings and signalled his enthusiasm for the plan. 
A Whitehall source told The Times the Prime Minister is keen to make a big bold offer on education which he views as a post-Covid priority.
However the Chancellor is understood to be concerned about the cost of the programme which would cost around £700 per pupil over a three year period.