With a vibrating auto-rise mop, powerful suction and brand new all-rubber brush, the Roborock S7 brings new features to home cleaning.

As our lives get busier, adding some technology to your home to help keep things tidy can help to add some peace of mind. Roborock, which already has a great lineup of robot vacuums, is out with its latest – the Roborock S7, which combines powerful suction with automatic mop lifting for convenient cleaning. The new model is available to preorder now ahead of its May 2 release date. Head below for a closer look.
The Roborock S7s secret weapon is the new VibraRise, which is a combination of a vibrating sonic mop with automatic mop lifting. While having mopping action on a robot vacuum isnt anything new, having one that not only senses and raises itself when moving onto fabric but also vibrates up to 3,000 times per minute to scrub off stubborn grime takes robotic cleaning to another level. 
Upgraded floating all-rubber brush 
Building off of its experience with robot vacuums, Roborock has upgraded the brush on the S7 to float and stick closer to surfaces but also has a new all-rubber design. This new design is not only more durable but is also better at avoiding hair tangles. 
Roborock S7: Video
Roborock S7: Suction 
Along with that upgraded brush is a powerful suction system that works well with up to 2500PA of power. The Roborock makes quick work of messes on hard surfaces, as well as pulling up debris from the carpet. By default, the S7 will auto-detect when working on carpet and turn the suction up to the maximum setting, and return to the previous mode when moving back to hard surfaces.
App and Precision mapping
Equipped with app control and LiDAR navigation, the Roborock S7 is also smart enough to navigate complex home layouts and ensures efficient cleaning. Often updated with new features, the app makes it easy to set up virtual boundaries, no-mop zones, and adjust other settings like suction power. The LiDAR sensor creates an impressively accurate map that can then be used to set up rooms and choose which ones you want to clean at any given time. 
Roborock S7: Maintenance
Cleaning the Roborock S7 is simple as well. Just lift the back compartment, remove the debris bin, empty, and put it back in the robot. Thanks to the all-rubber roller, the S7 also isnt as susceptible to catching hair on the roller as some other robot vacuums out there. There is a simple way to follow a maintenance schedule to ensure a long life for the Roborock S7.
Compatible with the Auto-Empty dock, coming this year
Another benefit is the upcoming auto-empty dock that is set to be available this year. Having to constantly empty the dustbin isnt ideal, and the convenience of having an auto-empty dock is definitely appealing to those who want to be as hands-off as possible. 
Order now for release May 2
With a self-raising vibrating mop, impressive LiDAR room mapping with app control, and upgraded roller, the Roborock S7 is a high-performance robot vacuum packed with cutting-edge features. So if getting a little help around the house is something youre interested in, the Roborock S7 won’t disappoint.
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