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It’s time to sharpen those pencils and bladesclass is in session.
League of Legends fans got a first look at the new Battle Academia cosmetics for Caitlyn, Wukong, Garen, Yone, and Leona in today’s PBE preview. After a couple of weeks of testing, fans will likely be able to get their hands on the scholastic skins by the next patch.
Get to the head of the class with a new PBE Preview!
Battle Academia CaitlynBattle Academia WukongBattle Academia GarenBattle Academia LeonaBattle Academia Leona Prestige Edition
— League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) March 2, 2021
All the cosmetics follow a similar theme of a futuristic school teaching its pupils to fend for themselves. The champs sport clothing commonly seen in private schools, such as ties and knit sweaters. For their back animations, each champ takes out several training robots that shoot underwhelming lasers in their direction.
Leona will also get a Prestige Edition Battle Academia skin, donning the typical hues of bright gold and white. While the animations appear to all be the same between her Prestige and regular cosmetics, the abilities will also take on the brighter gold colors.
The new Battle Academia skins will join an already existing set of cosmetics for Ezreal, Jayce, Katarina, and Lux (regular and Prestige). Battle Professor Graves and Battle Principal Yuumi also fit into the same alternate universe.
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