Along with ‘Facets,’ which lets users categorize their tweets.

Twitter has shared three new design concepts for potential new features that it is considering for its platform.
Among those ideas, Twitter has shared preliminary mock-ups for a feature called Trusted Friends, which would allow users to limit the people who can view their selected tweets to an inner circle of close friends, as reported by Engadget. In addition, the platform is considering a featured called Facets, which could let users categorize their tweets before sending them.
Twitter is also reviewing a feature that would let users list certain phrases that they would rather not see in their replies. Within the possible update, followers would receive a warning not to use the selected language alongside the highlighted phrase or word. Though users could ignore the warning, the original tweet author would have the option to place violating replies at the end of a thread.
These ideas are still in their preliminary stages, and none are actively in development at this time.
While many Twitter users already have multiple accounts to distinguish their personal and professional online presences, features like Trusted Friends and Facets could streamline those identities into a single account. Trusted Friends could provide the same level of separation as a private personal account, while Facets could let users not only split their tweets into professional and personal categories, but also into specific interests and topics.
Additionally, Twitter is considering allowing its users to follow someone only for their tweets on a certain topic, as opposed to following their account as a whole, according to The Verge.
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