Record-breaking Galactus in-game live event reminds us that Epic Games’ Fortnite battle royale shooter can still pull in massive crowds.

  • Fortnite’s latest in-game live event took place last night.
  • 15.3 million concurrent players took part.
  • The event set a viewership record on Twitch and even caused service issues for many.

Epic Games’ Fortnite doesn’t hold the same position at the forefront of the gaming zeitgeist it once did, yet last night’s live event – the game’s latest in a long line of grand seasonal finales – harked back to the battle royale’s 2018 heyday. Or at least, to last year’s headline-dominating two-day black hole downtime.
It drew in an all-time record 15.3 million concurrent players, who partook in the live in-game event, tasked with orchestrating the downfall of a colossal world-chomping Galactus, wrapping up Season 4’s Marvel crossover. The event shattered the previous 12.3 million concurrent player record established earlier this year during the Travis Scott Astronomical in-game concert.
Epic Games orchestrates biggest Fornite live event ever. | Source: Twitter
Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, battle buses rigged with explosives, a nod to Star Wars’ iconic trench run, a cataclysmic cliffhanger – it was a testament to Epic’s talent for putting on a good show.
The developer reports that outside of the game, the event attracted 3.4 million viewers on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, breaking not just a concurrent viewer record, but the site itself, in the case of the Amazon-owned platform.