Looking for a new style? Grab the beautiful static and live wallpapers from Xiaomi’s new Mi MIX Fold and Mi 11 Ultra for a change of pace!

Xiaomi revealed a slew of new products last month, including the long-awaited Mi 11 Ultra and Mi MIX Fold. Of course, the best part of any new phone launch is waiting for someone to extract the included wallpapers. Thankfully, all the wallpapers for both phones are now available to download, courtesy of XDA Member kacskrz.
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Wallpapers
The Mi 11 Ultra comes with six groups of static wallpapers, each with a resolution of 1440 x 3200 (20:9 ratio) more than large enough to look great on any smartphone. They are divided into Natural Texture (7), Geometry (4), Dynamic Nebula (3), Minimalist Scenery (7), Black and White (4), and Mars (4). There’s also the default wallpaper, bringing the total to 30 images. All of them are available in their original, uncompressed versions at the link below.
Download Mi 11 Ultra wallpapers
Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold Wallpapers
The backgrounds on the Mi MIX Fold are also divided into distinct categories, including PC Mode (5 static images), Natural Texture (7 static images), Musubi (4 static images), Dynamic Nebula (3 live wallpapers), Minimalist Scenery (7 static images), and Mars (7 static images). Some have a resolution of 2480×1860 (3:4 ratio), while others are 2520×2520 (1:1). You can get the full-resolution versions from the link below.
Download Mi MIX Fold wallpapers
I’m definitely a fan of nature backgrounds, and the ones included with the Mi Mix Fold and Mi 11 Ultra look fantastic. The Mars ones are also a nice inclusion, especially after the recent landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover on the red planet.