EXCLUSIVE: Experts cite high demand during lockdown and a global shortage of microchips after factories shut down in China

Gaming fans have been told to wait more than a year for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
Experts blame high demand during the pandemic and a global shortage of microchips after virus-hit factories shut down in the Far East.
Most retailers have been sold out for weeks while some online dealers charge double or triple the normal price.
The chip shortage has also hit supplies of phones, computers and cars with Land Rover suspending some production lines again last week.
One mum whose 13-year-old son paid £462 saved up from his pocket money for an Xbox Series X console in January has been told it wont be delivered until February 2022.
She said: The smaller companies that claim they have them in stock let you pay before telling you when delivery will be.
The delivery date keeps being pushed back. So we ordered in January, were told March, then April, then mid-June and now February 2022.
There’s going to be a lot of disappointed shoppers (Image: PA)
Microsoft and Sony expect machines to be in short supply all year. Andy Robertson, editor of askaboutgames website, blamed shortages of chip ­resources and increased demand due to the pandemic. He added: People are having to check retail sites for months.
The message from manufacturers is that they are doing everything they can, but its a big ship to turn around.
The Association of UK Interactive Entertainment said: Our top tip for consumers is to wait until you can buy from a trusted retailer. Doing so means getting a device at the right price while having their rights protected.
The new Xbox Series X consoles boast state of the art features including a processor that is four times the power of an Xbox One.
Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, said: Xbox Series X represents a superior balance of power and speed in console design, advancing on all technological fronts to delivering amazing, dynamic, living worlds and minimise any aspects that can take you out of the experience.
Our job at Team Xbox is to give teams the tools they need to achieve their ambitions and tap into the consoles power with efficiency, a few of which were detailing today.
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