It looks like we can expect another PS5 restock today in the US, so keep an eye out with these tips

A PS5 restock could be imminent in the US at Best Buy. For starters, Best Buy has enjoyed new deals every Friday for the last couple of weeks so it would make sense for fresh PS5 stock to appear today (March 05). Although that’s not a guarantee by any means, our chances of seeing PlayStation 5s seem good as a result. And hey, if all else fails, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the following retailers because they have a habit of getting PS5 stock unexpectedly (as shown by ANTonline getting overpriced PS5 and Xbox Series X bundles without warning very recently):
No matter where you find PS5 stock – if anywhere – competition to buy PS5 is going to be fierce. Despite the console being more readily available than ever, that’s still not saying much; PS5 restock deals consistently sell out within minutes, if not seconds.
With that in mind, it’s a good idea to sign in to your Best Buy account with payment details ready as soon as possible. Sites have a tendency to crash whenever PS5 restocks occur, so cutting out any delays will give you the best chance of securing a console.
Don’t lose hope if you aren’t successful, though. It’s a brutal shopper-eat-shopper world out there right now, but more PS5 stock is arriving all the time. Keep an eye on our PS5 deals page for the latest info. 
Watch Twitter for live updates as well. There are plenty of stock-monitoring accounts out there, and they’re generally on the money, so serve as a great early-warning system for PS5 restock deals. Considering how tricky it’s been to find PS5 stock or buy Xbox Series X, that’s no bad thing.
Will Best Buy get a PS5 restock?
So, why are we assuming that Best Buy will get a PS5 restock on Friday March 5? Simple – because the chain has received fresh PS5 stock every Friday for the last couple of weeks. As such, it stands to reason that more will turn up this time.
If they do, be sure to watch out for bundles. They tend to sell out less quickly, so are worth making a beeline for if any appear. Oh, and remember to keep trying – and hitting refresh – even if the listing suddenly claims that the console is out of stock. Some shoppers are able to get through nonetheless, making it worth a go.
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