This is another magical art performed by Apple: the integration of the M1 processor in the iPad Pro family. Everybody was thrilled when Apple announced during the last Apple Event. Read this article…

The powerful M1 processor is now embedded into the 2021 Model. What does it mean? The iPad, Mac Book Air, Pro, Mini product lines are sharing the same processors and architecture. iPad will not get the ultimate performance experience expected in desktop/laptop version because of the absence of FAN that contribute to heat dissipation, but it is a step to open the door to new opportunities in the iPad world: running mac professional software on iPad.
From the macrumors website
Developers community and professional users are missing software that makes the step for the iPad towards a more laptop/mobility professional experience. iPad, at this point, is a good candidate to work productively, and for some use cases and workflow, it will be just great.
Apple mentions that the M1 chip is 50% faster CPU performance over the A12Z Bionic capabilities present in iPad 2020. For the first time, Apple reveals that configuration with 128/256/512 GB storage has embedded an amount of 8GB RAM, and.. listen 1Tb/2Tb with 16GB RAM.
From benchmark the average multi-core results:
M1 Macbook Air: 7378
M1 iPad Pro: 7284
Core i9 16″ Macbook Pro 6845
A12Z iPad Pro: 4656
Impressively this means that M1 iPad 2021 is faster than a i9 MacBook Pro(in multi core score).
WWDC is expected to offer new insights into what Apple is cooking. iPadOS is expected to go in the direction to enable more multi-threading app and open the opportunity to install professional apps from macOS M1 world. XCode and Final Cut are expected by the entire community! And all is set to have it delivered with the next World Wide Developer Conference.Gaming, simulation, and AI computation will take place fast and incredibly smoothly. Did I mention AI? The reason is related to the M1 chip. In there, the new 16 core Apple Neural Engine enhances photos to be re-processed to filter, interpolate, process layers for better quality, color correction, and definition of the image.
More on coming WWDC 2021. Stay tuned.