IAG is still ‘investigating’ six months after Sheleshni Naicker’s two cars were stolen.

Six months after having her two cars stolen and damaged, Auckland woman Sheleshni Naicker still has not had her claim settled by insurer IAG.
That’s despite a man being charged by police for one of the thefts.
Naicker, who has school-age children, said she was struggling without cars, and had begged IAG to get on and conclude the claim, but so far it had been to no avail, with IAG insisting the police investigation into the crimes was still open.
The theft happened in September last year after Naicker lent her Toyota Wish car to a friend to go out on a date with someone she had met on Facebook. During the date, her keys went missing, and so did the car.
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The key to Naickers other car, a Mazda RX8 which her son refers to as the Batmobile because it is black and has a tail fin, was on the keyring, and that car was stolen during the night.
He (the Facebook date) had stolen the car key, and he ended up making off with the car that same night, Naicker said.
Sheleshni Naicker, who is having ongoing issues with insurance company AIG over her car insurance.
He got caught. Hes been charged with stealing my car.
Naicker believed the thief knew where she lived because of letters in the glove compartment of her car.
Police found and returned the Wish, but it was dented and damaged, smelt of chemicals and was a mess inside, including dirty men’s underwear, and multiple small plastic bags of rock salt.
I opened the door and there was a disgusting smell … a toxic smell. It was just yuck, she said.
She was left imagining what had happened in her car, and could not bear to drive it, and asked IAG to repair, and deep clean it.
I did not want my kids sitting in it.
That all happened six months ago, and Im still fighting with IAG because they havent approved my claim, she said.
Sheleshni Naicker’s Toyota Wish, which was stolen from her. She has the car back, but it is damaged, and a man has been charged with its theft.
Naicker continues to pay her premiums for cover on one car thats damaged, and she cant drive, and the other that she no longer possesses.
IAG sought her permission to do a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) check on Naicker.
Naicker, who lives in Mount Wellington, said she had no convictions, and had been with her bank, ASB, where she bought the IAG policy, for many years.
Naicker said she had requested IAGs investigation report, but had not received it.
IAG would not discuss the case with Stuff, even with privacy waiver from Naicker.
This matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation involving the police and therefore it is not appropriate for us to provide any comment, IAG said.
Sheleshni Naicker’s RX8, known to her young son as the Batmobile.
Naicker said her claim had been moved to IAGs complaints department, which has promised to look into her concerns, and come back to her after a week.
In a twist, Naicker said she briefly got the RX8 back, after it was found by a friend of her partner, abandoned by the side of a road, with the clutch badly-damaged from being raced.
Sheleshni Naicker is having ongoing issues with insurance company IAG over her car insurance.
Her partner pushed the car to the the house of another friend close by.
Police were called, and Naicker said she asked for them to dust the car for fingerprints, which they did.
The RX8 was stored initially at a car repair business, but then was moved to Naickers partners home, from where it was stolen again. The house was burgled at the same time, Naicker said.
A man had been arrested for the burglary, Naicker said.