Here’s where you can find the most expensive and the cheapest beer in New Zealand.

Finder research shows where you can find the most expensive and the cheapest beer in New Zealand. Photo / Getty ImagesAuckland is the most expensive city in New Zealand for a pint of beer and one of the most expensive in the world as well.
The city of sails is also the city of the pricey ales, ranking 12th on the world list for most expensive cities for beer drinkers.
New research by financial research and comparison site Finder also showed that Napier is the city in New Zealand where, on average, you can find the cheapest pint.
The research looked at the price of a pint of beer in seven New Zealand cities, showing that a pint costs, on average, $11.10 in Auckland.
Wellington is the second most expensive place to drink beer in, with the average pint costing $10.05.
In Napier, the average pint will set you back $9.06, closely followed by Dunedin which, despite being home to some mighty fine beers, has the second-lowest average pint price at $9.77.
While the cost of a beer is near eye-watering in Auckland, spare a thought for those living in Dubai, where the average pint will set you back $19.36.
Across the Tasman, Sydney didn’t fare too badly. Compared to Auckland’s 12th spot on the world rankings, Sydney came 25th on the list, with the average pint price sitting at a rather affordable $8.57.
For a truly cheap pint, you’ll have to travel much further afield (once travel restrictions allow, of course), all the way to Lusaka, Zambia, where a pint costs $1.08 on average. Although, travelling all the way to Zambia just for a pint would make it quite pricey, all up.
“Auckland is notorious for its high cost of living, especially when it comes to property. Now locals can commiserate over the price of a pint too,” said Kevin McHugh, Finder’s publisher in New Zealand.
McHugh also pointed out plenty of places in New Zealand, even in the most expensive cities, have pints that “don’t break the bank”.
“Cheap and cheerful restaurants that offer BYO are a great way to enjoy a glass of wine and a meal for nearly half the price,” he said.