Not a lot of new movie trailers this year, understandably

SUPER Bowl season is upon us, and you know what that means: big new movie trailers. (Oh, yeah, and a brand new football champ.)
With the pandemic being what it is, there seems to be fewer new looks at upcoming flicks than in the past year. (That one had No Time to Die, Fast & Furious 9, Sonic the Hedgehog, Black Widow, Mulan, and much more — an easy baker’s dozen.) But all eyes are trained on the new Falcon and the Winter Soldier series trailer, featuring Steve Rogers’ best buddies.
Scored to Migos’ “Is You Ready”, the new trailer is a high octane look at the two Avengers as they try to fill the superhero void with the retirement of Captain America. We also get a brief look at the comics-accurate purple mask of bad guy Helmut Zemo (the same one from Captain America: Civil War).
Other trailers include a very short new one for Raya and the Last Dragon.
Here’s Sixth Sense and Splits M. Night Shyamalan new movie, Old.
F9 returns with a very, very short look.
Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul throws his hat into the middle-aged-dude-becomes-action-star ring, hoping to become the next Liam Neeson.
And… that’s it for Super Bowl LV! Very slim movie pickings this year.