Where are you more likely to find lasting love, on a reality TV show or in an Irish bar in Auckland’s Viaduct?

Where are you more likely to find lasting love, on a reality TV show or in an Irish bar in Aucklands Viaduct?
For Annie Theis, winner of Moses Mackays season of The Bachelor NZ, it appears the answer is the latter.
It didnt work out with Moses Mackay, but Annie Theis is moving on.
The same week the TV couple revealed on the tell-all episode that their relationship had failed to go the distance, Theis shared that she has moved on with a new beau.
In an Instagram post, 26-year-old Theis shared a pic of her and a shirtless mystery man canoodling on a boat, along with the caption “Soooo … fun fact … turns out you don’t need a dating show to find a man … A Sunday sesh at @dannydoolans does the trick.”
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Judging by the floating flotilla of boats in the photos background it appears the snap may have been taken sometime during the Americas Cup, suggesting the coupling isnt brand new.
It also appears Theis might have a thing for men on boats, as her first kiss with Moses on The Bachelor also occurred on the water.
Alongside the waterside pic, Annie shared a handful of pictures with her 5000 followers, all documenting her new relationship; a snap of their feet intertwined, them hugging in the sunshine and Theis sliding down the handrail at the place it all started, Danny Doolans.
Each photo cleverly obscured the identity of her new squeeze, but that didnt stop her followers speculating in the comments about who has swept her off her feet. Looks like Max Key, one postured.
Theres no bad blood Mackay and Theis.
While Theis has wasted no time moving on from bachelor Mackay, she doesnt appear to hold any grudges towards him or the experience.
“We had a really awesome connection, and we still do; I think we will be friends forever,” Theis said during the reunion special.
Its a sentiment she reiterated yesterday on the Instagram story hours before revealing that shed found happiness with someone else.
Thankyou @moses_mackay all the best see you in the real world x, she shared.