Now through March 31, you can get a free five-month trial of Apple Music by using Shazam. Here’s how to get the offer.

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If you were watching the Super Bowl last night, you had a chance to snag five free months of Apple Music by using Shazam to identify Dolly Parton’s new song, “5 to 9” during the commercials. Whether you’re just finding this out now or you couldn’t whip your phone out fast enough last night, it’s not too late. This Shazam promo is available through March 31.
Shazam, for those unfamiliar, is the unsung hero of finding your next bop. It can identify the artist and title of any song by listening to a short sample and it’s a shockingly good listener. I’ve used it to identify both songs playing quietly in coffee shops and songs drowned out by loud crowds. 
Of course, it’s also the key to getting a free trial of Apple Music.
For what it’s worth, 5 free months is the best offer we’ve seen to date usually, we see no more than three-month trials. Apple Music grants you access to over 70 million songs in its massive library. You can use it to download songs for offline listening, stream music across all of your devices, and even find occasional album exclusives. Though we found Spotify to be a better music streaming service for most, Apple Music beats it in terms of user interface and radio. 
Once Shazam identifies the song, it’ll bring up “5 to 9.” Tap the “Play Full Song” button to bring up the offer page.
Sarah Saril/Business Insider

  1. Follow this link on your iOS device to download the Shazam app. 
  2. Play Dolly Parton’s “5 to 9” and use the Shazam app to identify the song and unlock the offer.
  3. Tap to “Play full song” to open the Apple Music app and redeem the promo.

Android users can also opt into the promo, but will only get a three-month trial. This is avoidable by signing up on an iOS device, then signing into your Apple Music account on Android afterward.
Once your trial ends, your Apple Music subscription will auto-renew for $10 per month. This promo is available through March 31.
It’s an easy and rare chance to snag a free Apple Music trial, so don’t miss out.