A tech leaker has claimed that Microsoft is currently developing a “portable machine” that will soon be announced to the world. An Xbox portable console or Xbox Series handheld device could take the market by storm and provide direct competition to the Ninten…

Apparently, Microsoft is busy working on a portable machine, which has led to speculation that the Redmond-based company is preparing to unleash an Xbox handheld onto the market. Rumors about such a machine have floated around for years, and Microsoft has even spent R&D time on a handheld console. According to Robbie Bach, a former President of Microsofts Entertainment and Devices Division, numerous attempts were made to bring an Xbox portable to market, with the device constantly being named the Xboy.
Toward the end of last year, interesting but fake promo material for an Xbox Series V handheld console started appearing online, with the device looking not entirely dissimilar to a large single-screened Nintendo DS Lite. A few months later incredible fan-made concept videos of an Xbox Series Z portable, created by designer imkashama, showed what a handheld Xbox could look like stunning. Of course, this futuristic-looking machine is highly unrealistic in its flawless beautybut Microsoft cannot ignore Nintendos dominance of the market with the Switch Lite.
Of course, the leakers statement has been questioned: For instance, Microsoft has Xbox Cloud Gaming that turns any compatible mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) into a sort of portable Xbox. It could be that Microsoft is working on such a machine that wont be classed as an Xbox or Xbox Series portable it might just be a tablet or similar but with a gaming orientation that offers simple direct access to Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming. But if done well, an Xbox One handheld console or Xbox Series portable device could become a real threat to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch Lite.
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