Coming off a pay-per-view that was very good until the literal misfire of an ending, AEW Dynamite is back tonight with a great card that is headlined by a …

Coming off a pay-per-view that was very good until the literal misfire of an ending, AEW Dynamite is back tonight with a great card that is headlined by a TNT Championship match.
In addition to the three announced matches for the card, we will be treated to an Inner Circle War Council and we will most definitely see the Dynamite debut of Christian Cage. Christian appeared at Revolution and signed his contract, but did not say a word. The smart money says that Christian will be a lot more vocal on Dynamite tonight.
Let’s take a closer look at the planned matches/segments for this post-Revolution episode of Dynamite.
Matt Jackson vs Rey Fenix
One-half of two of the best tag teams in the world will square off in singles competition, as Rey Fenix battles Matt Jackson.
With Fenix and Pac winning the tag team battle royale at Revolution, they have secured a future title opportunity against The Young Bucks. This match is the first step in the build to that championship match.
Fenix has had a good amount of singles matches recently on Dynamite while Matt Jackson has worked almost exclusively as a team with his brother, Nick. Because of this, Fenix should have a decided advantage in this one.
AEW can tell this story in two different ways. They can have the Jacksons pick up underhanded singles victories leading up to the title match or they can let the upstart challengers build momentum in these contests. The latter seems more fun. Winner: Rey Fenix
Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami & Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker, Maki Itoh & Nyla Rose
The aftermath of the title match between Hikaru Shida and Ryo Mizunami at Revolution involved Nyla Rose, Britt Baker, and Maki Itoh coming to the ring and beating down both the champion and the challenger. This continued until Thunder Rosa came out to make the save, setting up this six-woman tag match.
This match features six high-level competitors and should be a lot of fun. We are all aware of how great Shida, Nyla Rose, and Thunder Rosa are in the ring. Baker’s evolution continues to happen before our eyes on the microphone and in the ring.
Ryo Mizunami has impressed in matches against Rose and Shida. And Itoh became a bit of an overnight sensation via social media during her time in the women’s world title eliminator tournament.
My hope is that this match is the beginning of Britt Baker’s run to the AEW Women’s World Title. The best result that could come out of this match is Baker scoring a pinfall on Shida, giving her a claim to a title shot. The women of AEW have done a very nice job elevating their division over the past six months. Putting the title on Baker would only continue that rise. Winners: Britt Baker, Nyla Rose & Maki Itoh
Inner Circle War Council
Coming off a disheartening loss to The Young Bucks at Revolution, Chris Jericho announced in a backstage interview that The Inner Circle needed to have a War Council because changes were needed. MJF looked at Jericho and said he had been giving it a lot of thought, and he agreed, changes were needed, strongly implying that Jericho was the change that was needed.
So, the stage is set. Given that Jericho took the pinfall in the title match at Revolution, this would be the perfect time for MJF to cash in on the personal relationships he has subtlely built on Dynamite with Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz. He can blame the fact that none of them have reached their full potential in AEW because of Jericho’s lack of leadership and promise to get the trio to the next level.
This would also be a great time for Jericho to turn face. He could endure a week or two of being beaten down by The Inner Circle until his protege, Sammy Guevara, comes back to save him and help Jericho battle their old faction. The time is right to take The Inner Circle in a different direction. Resolution: Chris Jericho is ousted as the leader of The Inner Circle
Scorpio Sky vs Darby Allin for the TNT Championship
In what should be the main event of Dynamite, Darby Allin will defend his TNT Title against Scorpio Sky. Sky earned the title shot by winning the Face of the Revolution ladder match at the Revolution pay-per-view.
This one is tough to call. On one hand, you have a wildly popular rising star in Allin who has not held the title for very long. He has been so heavily involved in the storyline with Sting and Team Taz that he has only defended the title twice since winning it. So, there is an argument that it is time to let Darby focus on defending his title and giving him a title run worthy of the star he is becoming.
On the other hand, Scorpio Sky is an amazing athlete who can do it all in the ring. He has been underutilized over the past number of months since announcing he would be focusing on his singles career and leaving the tag team matches to Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels of SCU. When I saw Sky grab that brass ring to win the ladder match last Sunday, I couldn’t help but smile as it was undoubtedly the right outcome and well deserved.
Despite how great Sky is in the ring, it feels like he needs to win this title to elevate him and get fans invested in his character. If Allin retains the title, Sky could drift back to the shadows of the midcard and become another cautionary tale of poor booking.
Truth be told, Allin doesn’t need the title anywhere near as badly as Sky does. Most fans are already invested 100 percent in Allin and even if he dropped the title, he could come out next week and challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship and it wouldn’t seem out of place.
While Allin definitely deserves a better title run than he has had, there are going to be a lot of other titles reigns in his future. It is time to let the TNT Title boost someone else who deserves it. Winner: Scorpio Sky