Court documents show the man has been charged with attempting to murder four people, two men and two women.

I just kind of stood there for a second youre thinking, is this happening? McDowell, 39, said.
I thought that I might be next.
McDowell escaped the mayhem, but four others, two women and two men, were not so lucky.
Some of the victims were repeatedly stabbed.
A man received a knife wound to the neck, his wife was stabbed in the back, and another woman received cuts to her arms and hands. Stuff understands one of the victims had to be revived inside the supermarket.
Emergency services including armed police were scrambled and responded within minutes to the unfolding terror.
Footage online showed officers leading the alleged attacker to the Dunedin central police station, next door to the supermarket, covered in blood.
Among the injured was a manager at the supermarket, Dallas Wilson, known as an understated kind of guy but the sort of person who would help out if there was trouble.
On Monday evening Southern district commander Superintendent Paul Basham said officers were still working to understand the motivations for the stabbing, but they believed it was a random attack, describing it as fast-moving and extremely traumatic for everyone at the supermarket.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there was nothing to suggest it was a domestic terror event.
Bystanders who helped tackle the man have been hailed as heroes by police.
As the rampage unfolded, members of the public rushed to help, desperately trying to stop the man attacking a woman near a pharmacy inside the Cumberland St supermarket.
It didnt seem like he was going to stop, McDowell said. They were doing everything to try and distract him, they were even throwing stuff at him.
There was a lot of commotion I saw him just stabbing anyone that was in his vicinity.
As the assailant was stabbing a man, a person armed with a chair is understood to have helped stop the assault and a person at the scene said his action may have saved his life.
A witness said the attacker called out witches, witches when he was held by people on the ground, and said the man had been using small knives.