The next MacBook Air has leaked again, this time in multiple colours. Apple’s next budget MacBook will feature a revised keyboard, a new chassis and white display bezels. The device is expected to launch with an Apple M2 SoC, too.

Jon Prosser has revealed more details about the supposedly final design of the MacBook Air. Unlike the renders that Prosser shared last week, these are based on photos that he claims to have seen of a pre-production model. There are some caveats to the design shown, though.
On the one hand, Prosser has not seen what the display looks like beyond its white bezels. Accordingly, the bezel size is a guess, as is the port selection. Hence, the next MacBook Air may feature a MagSafe charging port, as we have discussed previously.
On the other hand, Prosser claims to have been shown the bottom of the device, which has two rubber feet mounted on its short sides. Additionally, the new MacBook Air has a flat design, eschewing the tapered design of the current and previous models.
Apparently, Apple has adopted full-sized function keys, too. While this seems like a minor revision, it has pushed the keyboard towards the bottom edge, restricting the trackpad’s maximum size. Moreover, all keys will be white, another visual change for the MacBook Air.
Undoubtedly, the greatest draw of the next MacBook Air will be the multiple colours in which Apple will sell it. Overall, it seems that Apple will pivot the MacBook Air’s colours to that of the new iMac. Apple is expected to launch the next MacBook Air with an M2 SoC. However, Prosser asserts that the device will not arrive until late 2021 at the earliest.
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