Former police officer turned academic Michael Kennedy says the Australian media is trying to incite New Zealand over its latest deportee story.

Filming deportees coming back to New Zealand is just a way of inciting New Zealand and it should be ignored, says a former Australian police officer.
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Michael Kennedy Says the Australian media is trying to incite New Zealand over its latest deportee story.
Source: Breakfast
The comments from Michael Kennedy, who is now a lecturer at Western Sydney University, come after Australian politician Peter Dutton referred to a planeload of deportees to New Zealand as taking the trash out.
“We’re talking about the most serious offenders here and our country is safer for having deported them,” Dutton said.
Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Kennedy says Dutton is a head kicker and New Zealanders should ignore his comments.
Earlier this week, Australia’s border force granted media access to the deportees as they headed for New Zealand.
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The flight from Brisbane to Auckland was reportedly full of people whod committed crimes in Australia.
Source: Breakfast
The flight from Brisbane, bound for Auckland, was reportedly full of people who’d committed crimes in Australia.
Kennedy says the report by Nine News shows how the Australian media is working hard to divide the Labor and Liberal parties, who are currently in crisis.
I dont know why the media would want to capture this and deliberately incite because there is no real problem in this country with New Zealanders.
Rather than try to conciliate this, which is what normally happens in New Zealand, what theyre doing is escalating it.
Collins calls for retaliation over Australia’s ‘taking the trash out’ deportations to NZ
Kennedy says Australias crime rate wont decrease by deporting its criminals and exporting its own issues to other countries.
It doesnt look good. Its insensitive.
Its just really unreasonable. It doesnt fit in with a civilised way of dealing with things at all.