Di decision dey afta one pesin die and cases of blood clot afta vaccination

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No evidence dey to show say di Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine dey linked to increased risk of blood clots, di EU medicines regulator don tok.
Dem say di number of blood clot cases for pipo wey don dey vaccinated no reach anywhere for di general population.
Di statement dey come afta some kontris wey include Denmark and Norway, suspend di use of di jab.
Di suspension follow reports say small number of pipo develop clots afta dem receive di vaccine.
Di Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine na di vaccine wey Nigeria, Ghana recently collect under di Covax progrmme and don begin distribution and vaccination of pipo across di kontri.
Report dey of one 50-year-old man wey die for Italy afta e develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT) following a dose of di jab.
“Evidence neva dey say na di vaccination dey cause dis conditions, as e no dey listed as side effects of dis vaccine,” di European Medicines Agency (EMA) tok on Thursday.
“Di benefit of di vaccine plenty pass di risks and dem fit continue to administer di vaccine as dem dey torchlight di cases of thromboembolic events wey dey go on,” di agency add.
Report tok say 30 cases of “thromboembolic events” na im dey among di five million Europeans wey don collect di jab.
AstraZeneca say di drug dey safe as dem bin take long time study am for clinical trials. “Regulators get clear and stringent efficacy and safety standards for di approval of any new medicine,” one spokesperson tok.
For UK, di Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) say evidence no dey say di vaccine dey cause problems. Dem say “Blood clots dey occur naturally and na normal thing.
More dan 11 million doses of di Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine don dey administered across di UK,” Phil Bryan of di MHRA tok.
Di decision to temporarily suspend di use of AstraZeneca’s jab don come as setback for di European vaccination campaign.
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Denmark, Norway and Iceland don temporarily suspend di rollout of di vaccine. Italy and Austria, meanwhile, don stop to dey use certain batches of di drug as a precautionary measure.
Di suspensions for Italy and Austria involve different batches of di vaccine.
Austria suspend di use of one particular batch of di drug dis week wen one woman die 10 days afta vaccination because of “serious blood coagulation problems”. Di Austrian doses dey part of one batch of one million doses, identified as ABV5300, wey dem send go 17 European kontris.
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxemburg don also stop dey use doses from di same batch like Austria.
For inside one earlier statement, di EMA say Denmark decision na “precautionary measure wey dem take as full investigation dey go on into reports of blood clots in pipo wey receive di vaccine, including one case for Denmark where one pesin die”.
Di EU medicines agency say dia safety committee dey review di Austrian case, but still clear pipo say no evidence dey to show sa di vaccine dey cause dis condition, as blood coagulation no dey part of di side effect of di vaccine.
Health officials never give any details of di Danish death, but dem say dem dey pause di use of di vaccine for 14 days, inside wetin Health Minister Magnus Heunicke call “precautionary measure”. Although no connection don dey established to show weather na di vaccine dey cause di reaction, but e say, “we must respond in a timely and careful manner” until we reach conclusion.
Norway public health institute say dem go follow di Danish move to pause all use of di vaccine until dem investigate di cases.
Italy Aifa medicines agency announce say dem dey ban di use of doses from a batch wey dey separate from di Austrian own, ABV2856, as a precaution in response to “some serious, adverse events”. Italian bin report say one 43-year-old soldier wey dey serve for Sicily die afta e suffer cardiac arrest. But Aifa tok say e no get any connection wit di vaccine.
Officials say dem don receive reports of fatal or life-threatening blood clots in a small number of pipo wey recently collect di dose of di Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Dis fit dey sound worrying, but e never yet dey known if any connection dey between di two tins.
On Sunday, one 49-year-old woman for Austria die from multiple blood clots. She bin dey vaccinated 10 days earlier. Another pesin wey collect one shot from di same vaccine batch also land for hospital sake ofblood clotfor di lung.
As of 9 March 2021, two oda reports of thromboembolism don dey for dis batch, ABV5300. One million doses na im dey di batch wey dem deliver to 17 EU kontris, including Austria and Denmark.
Full investigation into di batch quality dey go on, but dem go consider side effect.
Overall, 22 cases of thromboembolic events don dey reported among di three million pipo wey don dey vaccinated wit di AstraZeneca vaccine for di European Economic Area.
Any approved treatment, including vaccines, dey always carry a risk of some side effects for some pipo, but mostly dey very mild and severe ones no dey common.