The Victorian government could pause administering the AstraZeneca vaccine to people aged under 50 for more than two weeks.

The Victorian government has asked the Morrison government to divert about 80,000 AstraZeneca vaccines that were due to be delivered to state government sites over the next two weeks to GP clinics. Mr Merlino said the vaccines delivered to GPs would largely be administered to people aged over 70.
GPs are calling out for more. This is a commonsense approach to get this done as quickly as possible, Mr Merlino said. Weve got enough AstraZeneca to deliver what we need to deliver.
Doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are being made at the CSL factory in Melbourne but Victorians under 50 will not be receiving a jab just yet.Credit:Getty Images
Mr Merlino said there needed to be a sense of urgency about speeding up the vaccine program.He said that, as a person aged under 50, he would roll up his sleeve for the vaccine recommended by the federal vaccine advisory committee, which is the Pfizer vaccine.
We want to see this done as quickly and efficiently as possible, he said.
Mr Foley said Victorian had held positive discussions with the Commonwealth about the diversion of vaccines and said there would be more detail provided about the recalibrated rollout in future.
Our main priority will be rounding up as much Pfizer as we can for those 1a and 1b [groups], he said, including health workers, quarantine staff and elderly people.
The Commonwealths plans to get more AstraZeneca to the states is important. But we think the greatest need for that is actually in the wider community, with our primary care distribution partners [including GPs].
The state government last week joined NSW in offering to inoculate people in cohorts the state was not originally earmarked to vaccinate, including people over 70, in an effort to ease the burden on federal vaccine providers.