The body of Olivia Gimeno, six, was found on Thursday six weeks after she and sibling Anna Gimeno, one, disappeared from Tenerife along with dad Tomas Gimeno, 27

A moving clip showing two sisters kissing and hugging has emerged – after the body of one was found in a sports bag in the sea.
Siblings Olivia Gimeno, six, and Anna Gimeno, one, can been seen pecking each other on the cheek in the 30-second video.
The older sister asks for a ‘besito’ – a little kiss – and then smiles when the youngster begins playing with her face.
The heartbreaking footage has been released after police confirmed a body found off the coast of Tenerife was that of Olivia.
The sisters were snatched by dad Tomas Gimeno, 37, six weeks ago and had not been seen since.
But a sports bag weighed down by an anchor and with a body inside was found by authorities on Thursday.
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The older sister asks for a “besito” – a little kiss, in English (
The grim find was later confirmed to be Olivia.
A second empty sports bag was also found, more than 3,200-feet under the sea and about a mile off the coast.
It is feared that the holdall could have contained Anna.
Police continue to search for the younger sister and Tomas.
It has also emerged that the anchor used to weigh down the bag containing Olivia came from the dad’s boat, which was found empty.
Tomas became the focus of an International manhunt after disappearing with his daughters on April 27.
Olivia’s body has been found by authorities (
He had warned his estranged wife Beatriz Zimmerman in a “farewell” message she would never seen them again.
Police had found no evidence to support the theory that he had fled abroad with the infant pair.
This was a hope kept alive by the childrens desperate mum, amid reports he could have taken them to Africa or South America.
Search vessels continue to scour the ocean, and well-placed sources say they remain “confident” of locating Anna.
Investigators are said to have have reached the conclusion Olivia and Annas dad drugged and killed them at his home.
It is thought he then put them in separate holdalls before throwing them into the ocean with the anchor attached.
Opened medicine packets containing sedatives and muscle relaxants were discovered in his living room, local media reports.
A spokesman for the investigating judge in charge of an ongoing court probe said on Friday: “Fingerprint tests carried out this morning on the body recovered yesterday in the sea off Tenerife have confirmed beyond any doubt that the body is that of Olivias.”
Jose Manuel Bermudez, the mayor of Tenerife capital Santa Cruz, said: There are no words to express the terrible desolation I feel.
“From respect at the mothers pain and with all the caution the terrible news that is reaching us deserves, I want to express to the family all the solidarity of the citizens of Santa Cruz.”
Tomas Gimeno, 37 (
The Canary Islands president Angel Victor Torres tweeted: Weeks hoping to receive hopeful news and today we receive the worst possible, one that freezes our soul, about the little girls from Tenerife, Anna and Olivia.
“Our condolences, encouragement and strength for their mum Beatriz, her family and friends. Canary Islands devastated.”
Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez tweeted: “I cannot begin to imagine the pain of the mother of little Anna and Olivia, who disappeared in Tenerife, following the terrible news we have just heard.
“I send a hug and my love and that of my whole family, who today show solidarity with Beatriz and her loved ones.”