A new teaser suggests Outriders could be launching on Xbox Game Pass in two weeks, which would be quite a surprise.

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While the biggest Xbox Game Pass news of the week has been the arrival of 20 massive Bethesda titles after the Microsoft acquisition, there may be one more to add soon of some significance.
Game Pass has done this before, leaking a game coming to the service with a joke email, and now we have a new one from Melissa McGamepass which you can read below.
The most important line there is Has anyone noticed a mysterious signal appearing in the distance lately or am I the anomaly in this situation?
While yes, many sci-fi games have used both mysterious signals and anomalies in various plot points, there is one that uses both that is being released intwo weeks. Square Enixs Outriders.
And some of the wording here is exact:
In addition to the mysterious signal mentioned there, the anomaly is the main focus of the entire game and the unstable storm on an alien planet that gives you your powers.
When it was first suggested to me that Outriders could be launching on Xbox Game Pass after this tease, I didnt think that made much sense, considering you can already pre-purchase the game. But Microsoft has done things like this before, and its hard to rule anything out when it comes to their desire to make Game Pass attractive.
Square Enixs last big deal was with PlayStation for Avengers, where that version of the game got a few bonuses and the promise of an exclusive Spider-Man hero still to come. But now for its other looter, its possible they went with Microsoft this time. The biggest looter on the market right now, Destiny 2, also did a deal with Microsoft to be on Game Pass with its new expansion, and its possible that was successful, so Microsoft pursued Outriders for this new deal.
It would just be a hell of a coincidence to see this phrasing dropped two weeks before Outriders arrives. One potential issue with this is that it could change minds about where people pick up the game, meaning their investment in the demo wouldnt carry over because theres no cross save. For instance I have four maxed characters and several legendaries on PlayStation, but if I wanted to switch over to Game Pass on Xbox, that wouldnt carry over (demo progress saves for the final release of the game).
Its possible that this is another sci-fi game that I cant think of right now. Dead Space? I dont know. But Outriders really does fit the bill based on whats being teased here, and if theres an official announcement, I would expect to hear it soon. Stay tuned for updates.
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