The next Pro-grade iPhones are currently tipped to get LTPO displays. They are also rumored to finally upgrade to 120Hz refresh rates – and to always-on displays, according to the latest leak. The successors to the 12 series are also now believed to benefit f…

Leaks concerning 2021s crop of iPhones have seen a number of twists and turns, the least of which concern whether they will be called the 13 or 12s series. However, the latest rumor, coming courtesy of the XDA contributor Max Weinbach via a new EverythingApplePro video, asserts that a major trend in smartphones is finally to be adopted by them this year.
Always-on displays, pioneered by Samsung, have become hot features due to their ability to keep the user updated to a devices status at a glance. They are strongly associated with AMOLED displays, as they can leave pixels on over an otherwise black background. They were well-received when they came to Apple Watches in their fifth generation, but have yet to make it to iPhones.
Now, according to Weinbach, the Cupertino giant might get around to finalizing them by the time a 2021 mobile Special Event is due. Then again, iPhone always-on displays might prove relatively basic compared to other experiences like those of newer OxygenOS versions, only offering widgets such as clocks and battery-bars.
 In other iPhone news, the 12 Pro and Pro Maxs successors are also now said to improve on another popular feature: matte rear panels. The leaker suggests that the finish might turn out to be something like Googles work for the Pixel 5. Therefore, it might have some kind of enhanced texture for increased grip. Finally, there are vague hints that this new treatment might be applied to titanium cases in future iPhones.
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