Prince Andrew, Harry are being bashed for behaving more like the Kardashians than royals amid uniform fiasco

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have been bashed for behind like a Kardashian amid shameful uniform fiasco.
This claim was brought forward by Polly Hudson in her piece for The Daily Mirror and she was quoted saying, Squabbling over who wears what to a funeral is more what youd expect from the Kardashians rather than the Windsors. And yet, here one is.
Meanwhile, stage left, Prince Harry who had to give up his honorary military titles post Megxit reportedly let it be known that he still wanted to wear the Blues and Royals dress uniform to the funeral.
He was last seen in this on his wedding day, proving that hes learnt nothing about the fashion faux pas of outfit repeating from his stylish wife, but lets not focus on that now.
If Harry was banned from wearing this, because he technically no longer had the right to, he would be the only senior royal not in uniform. He would stand out like an even sorer thumb than hes going to anyway.