Hokko Life is the next big Animal Crossing-style life simulator, and should fill the ‘wholesome gaming’ void in your life.

Hokko Life is what you get when a love for Animal Crossing-style games combines with a desire for more customisable, exploration-based gameplay. It’s a life simulator that owes a lot to everything that came before it, but it’s also looking to innovate with fresh ideas and more player freedom. If you’re looking for your next big life simulator hit, Hokko Life might be it and you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the game.
On June 3, Hokko Life will finally enter Early Access, meaning you’ll be able to hop in and explore the game’s beautiful world, friendly characters and various mini-games to your heart’s content. Like other Early Access titles it won’t be strictly “complete” the game is being solo-developed, so it may take some time for a full release but there’ll be plenty to see and do, and it should give a great glimpse into how the game will shape up in future.
According to Wonderscope, all base gameplay will be available in Early Access, including all tools and items the player needs to progress alongside a “starting selection” of villagers to befriend. That means you should be able to fish, farm and explore to your heart’s content. In future, the game will also include new clothing and customisation options, town events, more fishing and gardening, larger shops, seasonal features and other tweaks.
Personally, Hokko Life is a game I’ve had my eye on for a long time. While it’s certainly a title that looks heavily inspired by Animal Crossing, its desire to do something different and focus more on customisation mechanics is very intriguing. Regardless of comparisons to Animal Crossing, it should be a delightful and wholesome time when it launches.
You can check out the adorable early access trailer for Hokko Life below.
If you’re looking for something to fill the gaming void that Animal Crossing recently left in your life, this should absolutely be on your list.
Hokko Life launches in Early Access on June 3 for Steam on PC.