President Biden to discuss $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal with bipartisan group of lawmakers Monday

WASHINGTONA senior Republican senator said he and his colleagues could support an infrastructure bill of around $800 billion, underscoring GOP interest in a bipartisan fix for the nations aging roads and patchy broadband service.
The comments by Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) on Sunday signal that Senate Republicans are seeking a compromise on infrastructure, ahead of President Bidens meeting with lawmakers on Monday to push his own $2.3 trillion plan.
Republicans generally have raised concerns that Mr. Bidens package is too costly and has too many what they see as non-infrastructure elements.
Asked on Fox News Sunday whether he could support an infrastructure package of around $800 billion, Mr. Cornyn said: There is a core infrastructure bill that we could passSo lets do it and leave the rest for another day and another fight.
Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.), also on Fox News Sunday, said that Democrats should work to find a bipartisan agreement with Republicans on elements of the White House infrastructure plan before pivoting to a second, broader package that Democrats pass along party lines.