Rumour has it, Dodge is building an all-electric muscle car purely designed to reclaim the quarter-mile crown.

It seems like Teslas claim as the king of the quarter-mile is under threat already. The recently revealed Model S Plaid will storm the straight in 9.2 seconds, the company claims, and while the Rimac Nevera has been clocked doing the same run in 8.6 seconds, the Croation supercar isnt a full production model just yet.
So, Elons claim of the Plaid being the fastest production car on the quarter-mile isnt entirely untrue. But now it seems theres another challenger on the way, this one from a maker thats more familiar (obsessed) with quarter mile times Dodge.
This time, though, Dodge isnt using a massive, supercharged V8 to generate power. According to The Detroit Bureau, this time the other American carmaker is using batteries and motors.
The Tesla Model S Plaid is the new king of the quarter-mile. Well, for the time being.
Details are pretty scant, as you might expect for the early days of a top-secret project, but one source contacted by the Bureau said it will be the fastest Dodge ever, indicating a 0-60mph (97kmh) time below the two-second mark.
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In any case, its exciting to see the electric performance wars heat up. The quarter-mile-muncher is still a while away yet but Dodge is apparently working on at least six pure BEVs, along with a handful of plug-in hybrids. One of those should amount to be a fully electric Ram 1500 truck.
For decades, Dodge was the V8-powered king of the drag strip. Now, as high-performance electric cars are more common, that reign is over.
They have to have one, said Sam Abuelsamid, principal auto analyst at Guidehouse Insights. Makes sense, considering the instant demand for both the Ford F-150 Lightning announced last month and the GMC Hummer pickup.
Elsewhere in the American arm of Stellantis, Jeep launched its first plug-in, the Wrangler 4xe. Overall, the Wrangler had its best sales month in May, with over 25,000 units delivered. The 4xe accounted for 20.1 per cent of that, making it the best-selling plug-in in the U.S., outselling the Prius Prime.