“The shaming around motherhood is cooked.”

Photos: Laura Byrne has hit back at a troll her criticised her parenting on Instagram/  
Laura Byrne has no time for mum-shamers. 
Needless to say, it’s not okay when complete strangers feel the need to offer unsolicited advice about parenting. 
The mother-of-two and former Bachelor star has called out a troll who criticised her choice to give eldest daughter Marlie-Mae, who just tuned two, a bottle of milk. 
Photo: Laura and Matty and their two young daughters. Instagram. 
In the adorable video, taken at Marlie’s birthday celebrations and posted to Laura’s Instagram, the toddler is drinking from a bottle, while a friend watches on, keen for a sip. 
“Why would you post this,” the troll wrote. “She is way too old for a bottle. You’re holding her back.”
“Holding her back from what?”, 31-year-old Laura retorted. “Using a cup? Let the kid live, she has entire life to be a grumpy old cow messaging strangers on Insta.”
To which the troll replied: “Using a cup and learning these behaviours are totally inappropes… 
“What is having a dummy and bottle at 6 is okay? What of she gets picked on. Just inappropriate for a public forum”
Shocked and fuming, Laura once again fired back at the troll, sharing a screen grab of their exchange to her stories with the caption:
“Imagine writing this s— to someone? The shaming around motherhood is cooked.”
Laura’s fiance, Matty ‘J’ Johnson, also hit back, addressing the spiteful comments which have since been deleted from the original post. 
“You’re absolutely right – we shouldn’t keep holding her back. @ladyandacat (Laura) pack her bags, chuck her $50 and send her out into the big bad world. And if she asks for a nappy tell her to buy them herself!,” he quipped.
Laura and Matt’s friends and followers were quick to offer support to the couple.
“OMG get a grip! She’s 2! I work in childcare and see kids who are 3.5 with dummies and that still have milk. It definitely is age appropriate for a TWO year old to have a dummy,” noted one.
“Oh okay, random person on the internet delving out advice.Keep your parenting tips to yourself, particularly when you know NOTHING about parenting. #getbackinyourbox”, said another. 
“Great response! That comment is clearly a troll, im so sorry you receive comments like that. She is perfection, happy birthday beautiful girl! You guys are doing a fabulous job,” said a third.
The Sydney-based couple, who met on The Bachelor in 2017, have two children together – Marlie-Mae and five-month-old Lola Ellis. 
They often share hilarious and relatable stories and photos of their adorable brood. 
Last week, Laura jokeed about how messy her house had become since welcoming bub number two.  
She wrote in the caption: “The house is basically never clean and there is a pile of washing the size of a skip bin sitting in our laundry.
But coming home to these cheeky chops is rather excellent.”