Eric Adams and Andrew Yang tussled on questions of race in a frenetic day of campaigning, two days before the June 22 primary.

With early voting winding down Sunday evening in preparation for Tuesdays primary, voters streamed into polling sites in the five boroughs.
As of Sunday evening, 192,000 New Yorkers had participated in early voting.
Among them was Tom Werther, a retired police officer who carries a gun and thinks crime is the dominant issue of the day. On Sunday, he turned up to vote at the YMCA in Rockaway, Queens, but his first choice for mayor was not Mr. Adams, a retired police officer who also carries a gun and thinks crime is the dominant issue.
It was Ms. Garcia who impressed Mr. Werther as articulate during a recent meet-and-greet nearby. He ranked Mr. Yang second, and Mr. Adams third.
The final day of early voting happened to coincide with Fathers Day. Mr. Yang, a father of two, could be found tapping into his natural exuberance while posing for selfies on Sunday morning in Forest Hills, Queens.