The Catalans are still in, for now at least

Barcelona issued a statement on Thursday ahead of the teams La Liga match with Getafe in regards to their stance on the European Super League.
The Catalan giants announced earlier this week they had reached an agreement with eleven other of the most important clubs in Europe to form a new competition
However, Barca and Real Madrid are the only two clubs left in the project after the new proposal was met with a fierce backlash from all over the globe.
The six Premier League clubs, three Serie A teams and Atletico Madrid have since confirmed they have changed their minds and will quit the Super League, but Barcas statement says they still want (need?) in, for now at least.
Here it is (you can read the full statement here):
FC Barcelona shares the view of most major European football clubs, and even more so given the current socio-economic climate, that there is a need for structural reforms to guarantee the financial sustainability and feasibility of world football by improving the product that is offered to fans around the world and by consolidating and even increasing the fan base on which this sport is sustained, which is its mainstay and greatest strength.
In this context, the FC Barcelona Board of Directors accepted, as a matter of immediate urgency, the offer to form part, as the founding member, of the Super League, a competition designed to improve the quality and attractiveness of the product offered to the football fans and, at the same time, and as one of FC Barcelonas most inalienable principles, seek new formulas for solidarity with the football family as a whole.
The decision was made in the conviction that it would have been a historical error to turn down the opportunity to be part of this project as one of its founding members. As one of the worlds top sports club, our intention shall always be to be at the forefront, this being an indispensable part of the clubs identity and its sporting, social and institutional spirit.
In whatever case, FC Barcelona, as a club that always has been and always shall be owned by each and every one of its members, expressly reserved the right to submit such an important decision to the final approval of its competent social bodies following careful and very necessary study of the proposal.
Theres more though. Barcelona go on to say that because of the public reaction that been generated by the proposal the club appreciates that a much more in-depth analysis is required.
Baca apparently want to find out why everyone is mad about it (!) and may reconsider, if necessary the initial proposal and possibly even resolve all those issues. Theres a bit more waffle and it ends up with a pretty vague such in-depth analysis needs time and the necessary composure to avoid taking any rash action.
The statement comes after defender Gerard Pique spoke out against the Super League in a TV interview, while coach Ronald Koeman hinted hes not a fan either after telling a pre-match press conference he agreed with a previous tweet from the defender which read, Football belongs to the fans. Today more than ever.
President Joan Laporta finally offered his thoughts earlier today in an interview with TV3 where he said the Super League was absolutely necessary before adding but the last word in the end will be [from] the members.