Here are some of the finalists to watch tonight — who might just win over the Irish vote

Europe is gearing up for the Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final of 2021.
Tonight sees the 20 successful nations from the weeks two semi-finals as well as the so-called big five of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain battle it out for viewers votes from 8pm.
Host nation the Netherlands is also competing in the showpiece event, with the Dutch government allowing a maximum of 3,500 people to watch the grand final in person in Rotterdam.
With Irelands entry, Lesley Roys Maps, eliminated in the first semi-final, here are some of tonight’s finalists to watch who might just win over the Irish vote.
1. San Marino’s Flo Rida feature
San Marino qualified for the final on Thursday night after its act, singer Senhit, was joined on stage by US rapper Flo Rida.
Senhit will now close tonights show with her song “Adrenalina” and judging by his social media, Flo Rida looks set to join her once more.
The singer is a self-described “club queen” who combines her African roots with “Italian style and a European electro-pop attitude”, and has travelled all over Europe performing in the most popular clubs.

2. Iceland’s quirky jumpers
A favourite this year is Iceland, who qualified despite its entry, Daði og Gagnamagnið, being forced to pull out of performing in the live shows after a positive Covid-19 test.
Singer Daði Freyr announced he would no longer perform live at the semi-final after a bandmate tested positive for Covid-19.
However, the quirky dance-pop bands song “10 Years” remains in the competition after their rehearsal performance was shown during the semi-final and its really worth a watch for yourself.
Everything about them…we like <3
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 20, 2021
3. Cyprus’ ‘satanic’ entry
Meanwhile, Cyprus entry has proved popular among audiences in Europe but caused some consternation back at home.
Elena Tsagrinou will perform the dance mix track “El Diablo” in the opening slot of tonights show, after it was branded satanic and scandalised the faithful in Cyprus for paying homage to the devil.
Tsagrinou is one of the most recognisable pop stars across Greece and Cyprus, and was propelled to fame by her success in Greece Got Talent.
So basically Elena fell in love with the devil and…well, we’ll let her tell the story.
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 18, 2021
4. Malta’s Lizzo-inspired anthem
Meanwhile, Malta’s 18-year-old singer Destiny, who won Junior Eurovision in 2015, has been tipped to win the main competition this year with her empowering song “Je Me Casse” a French phrase meaning “I’m out of here”.
To give you a feel for the song, Destiny says her five biggest musical idols are Lizzo, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.
The team behind the song say they were on a mission to deliver a “dance floor filler with an instant feel good factor” and the audience seem to think they’ve succeeded.
Oh! Excuse her French! It’s Malta’s Destiny!
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 18, 2021
5. Italy’s rock band
A favourite to win from the rock and roll side of the competition is Italys band Måneskin with their song Zitti E Buoni.
The members of the critically-acclaimed group have known each other since childhood, but didnt establish the band until 2015 when they brought together their musical influences, from rock and rap, to reggae, funk and pop.
The group has already had a chart-topping studio album and sold out 66 gigs across Europe with a new Italian tour for their second album scheduled for spring 2022.
A week in
ManeskinOfficial (@thisismaneskin) May 19, 2021
6. Finland’s ‘violent pop’
Audiences have also embraced Finlands rap metal song Dark Side from Blind Channel.
The “post-hardcore” band from Oulu, Finland define their musical style as “violent pop”.
They enjoy pyrotechnics, loud vocals and flicking the middle finger and honed their craft on the Finnish underground scene.
Asked not to flip their middle fingers during the family-friendly competition, the group have instead opted to paint them red for their performance.
Lordi roared so Blind Channel could SCREAM!
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 20, 2021
7. Moldova’s europop
Moldova has meanwhile provided popular europop number Sugar from Natalia Gordienko.
The song was composed by pop powerhouses Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov, with lyrics by Mikhail Gutseriev and Sharon Vaughn (who has written for a number of Eurovision acts including Jedward).
Gordienko is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest, after representing her nation in 2006 alongside Arsenie Todira with the track “Loca”.
Finishing in 20th place that year, the singer will be hoping for a different result in 2021.
Complete the sentence: HEY LOVER GIVE ME SOME __________
It’s Natalia Gordienko from Moldova!
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 20, 2021
8. Ukraine’s ‘white voice’
Another favourite this year is Ukraine’s Go_A, whose song “Shum” features an ancient folklore technique known as “white voice”.
The electro-folklore outfit met in 2021 and specialise in the modern retelling of traditional Ukrainian stories that have already passed through many generations by word of mouth.
Singer Kateryna Pavlenko uses the ancient folklore technique of white voice (based on an open throat and free volume with a bright colour) and has a command of extreme vocals.
Europe and Australia vote #19! Lets make some SHUM and wake spring up
Ukraine at Eurovision (@uapbc) May 22, 2021
9. Norway’s fallen angel
“El Diablo” is not the only entry to the contest with a nod to satan.
Norway has the song “Fallen Angel” by the performer TIX, in chains and wearing white wings.
Andreas Haukeland, better known as his persona TIX, took on the nickname after his experience of growing up with Tourette’s syndrome a condition which can lead to different types of involuntary tics.
He is one of Norway’s most popular artists and made a name for himself co-writing Ava Maxs “Sweet but Psycho”, which became the most played song of 2018.
From El Diablo to a sweet angel! This is the magnificent TIX from Norway!
Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 18, 2021
The Netherlands is hosting the 65th edition of the event, known for its kitsch pop songs and flamboyant costumes, after a win in 2019.
The contest was not held in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Die-hard fans had to make do instead with the Netflix hit: “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” featuring a bumbling duo of soulmates, a giant hamster wheel, cult favourite song “Jaja Ding Dong” and murdering elves.
The competition draws a television audience of about 200 million each year.