I think you have to stand up for whats right, said Rose Schulman, also an Atlanta resident. You have to stand up for the good in the world not be led by propaganda.
To those who point to the devastation in Gaza, she said, I think I would say, we want to live in peace. We didnt fire rockets. We didnt build tunnels.
The violence began two weeks ago as tensions rose over an eviction case in East Jerusalems Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The Israeli Supreme Court is set to decide whether to uphold lower court orders evicting Palestinian families from their homes there, and allow Jewish settlers to move in. The Israeli government calls it a private real estate dispute. Palestinian supporters say its an example of Israeli laws unequal treatment of Palestinians and Jews.
Large numbers of Muslims who gathered for the holy month of Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound and other sites then demonstrated over the evictions, and tensions rose. As protesters threw rocks and bottles, Israeli police shot rubber bullets and eventually entered the mosque compound, the third holiest site in Islam.
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In response, Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist group by Israel and the United States, began firing military rockets from Gaza into Israeli including the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv more than 4,000 rockets in the end. Israels air defense system caught most of them. But not all.
In return, Israel bombed densely populated Gaza, including residential buildings and medical facilities. With a warning, it destroyed the building that houses The Associated Press, a global news organization based in the United States. Israel says Hamas uses such places and Palestinian civilians as human shields for its military operations. Israel says it killed numerous Hamas leaders in the conflict and also destroyed tunnels used by Hamas.
Israel and Hamas have fought three wars and numerous skirmishes since the group gained control of Gaza in 2007.
Speakers at the rally Sunday decried what they called misinformation on social media and said they support peace.
The past two weeks have been yet another example of our everlasting struggle for our right to exist and live in peace, Anat Sultan-Dadon, the Israeli consul general, told the crowd. Pointing out that Hamas has called forthe destruction of Israel, she added that Hamas fired the rockets intentionally targeting our civilians from within their own civilian population, brutally using them as human shields.
Another speaker, Shari Dillinger, of Christians United for Israel, said that even as terrorists fired rockets at civilians in Israel, Nobody said anything.
Columbus Pastor Jay Bailey cited holy authority for the gathering and Christians support. He proclaimed to the crowd that we will join our voices with your voices, it will become a voice of 1,000 thunders, we will stand with you today, we will stand with you tomorrow, and we will stand with you for another 10,000 sunsets.
After the event, out in the crowd Jody Pollack, wrapped in an Israeli flag, surveyed the milling attendees. He came out of love for Israel, he said.
The misinformation campaign has been mind-boggling, Pollack said. He said he believes that many of the Palestinian children who died were killed by Hamas rockets that fell short of Israel.
Israel bombarded areas Hamas was firing rockets from, he said. We stand united with Israel. And we stand united with the truth.
The Associated Press contributed to this article.