Gears 5 and the 2015 Xbox One remaster of 2002’s Resident Evil are available all February to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Three other games are also available that month: Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (Xbox, 2003); Dandara (Xbox One, 2018); and Lost Pla…

Xbox Live Gold subscribers get five games, rather than the usual four, in February, not coincidentally the same month that the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription goes up a dollar.
Gears 5, a staple of Xbox Game Pass since the day it launched in September 2019, is the extra game. Its available Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, both its Xbox One version and the Xbox Series X enhanced version that launched alongside the new console in November.
The others: The Resident Evil remake is likewise available all month. Thats a timely choice, in light of yesterdays news about Resident Evil Villageand its May 7, 2021 launch date. This is the remastered version of the 2002 console game, which launched on Xbox One in 2015.
Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb, the 2003 action-adventure for Xbox, is also available Feb. 1 to Feb. 15, and is backward compatible to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Its a timely selection in light of Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks announcement that MachineGames is working on an all-new Indy adventure for the reconstituted Lucasfilm Games label.
In the second half of the month, Dandara, the 2018, 2D Metroidvania from Brazilian studio Long Hat House, is free Feb. 16 to March 15. And Lost Planet 2, Capcoms 2010 sci-fi third-person shooter for Xbox 360, is available Feb. 16 to Feb. 28.
Capcom also has the Dead Risingremaster available until February 15 (it is part of the January Games With Gold lineup). Bandai Namco is the publisher behind the two other games available until the end of January: Breakdown, the 2004 Xbox action-adventure, and Little Nightmares, the 2017 puzzle-platformer.