As soon as Juventus' elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Porto was confirmed, it began, the operation to link Cristiano Ronaldo…

As soon as Juventus’ elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Porto was confirmed, it began, the operation to link Cristiano Ronaldo with a sensational return to Real Madrid, but just what would the pros and cons be for the Spanish side in re-signing him?
Jorge Mendes has offered the player to Florentino Perez ahead of the 2021/22 season, with Ronaldo desperate to leave Juventus after three disappointing seasons in the Champions League.
His dream at this moment would be to wear the famous white shirt once again, bringing to an appropriate end his story with the Spanish giants, although Perez’s interest is sub-minimal, especially with the club’s long-term targets now being Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.
Yet, fan engagement is incredibly important to a president who could well be voted out of office eventually, and that will be considered as there are many supporters who would love to see Los Merengues’ all-time leading goalscorer return to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.
“It can happen, it can happen,” explained Zinedine Zidane when quizzed on Ronaldo’s possible return. Yet, there are many factors to consider.
Positives of Ronaldo’s return
1. Real Madrid are getting a player who guarantees goals from day one
Ronaldo wouldn’t be returning to the Spanish capital in decline, even at 36 years old. His scoring data continues to amaze, even at Juventus where he has netted 30 times in 34 games this term.
2. His ambition to win is undiminished
Zidane knows it, Real Madrid fans know it and opponents know it… Ronaldo’s desire to win is as high as it ever was. He will push teammates to their maximum level and he won’t allow them to relax.
3. Zidane knows how to use him
Minute-management were key in Ronaldo’s latter years in Spain, with Zidane knowing exactly how and when to use the forward. Zidane is the coach who has known that better than anyone, Sir Alex Ferguson aside, and the French coach wouldn’t need to adapt to the signing like he would if Haaland or Mbappe arrived.
4. He’s a spectacular hit in marketing terms
The marketability of Ronaldo being in Madrid once again would be staggering. This would bring in a lot of income for Real Madrid, who have been struggling financial in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
5. The romantic effect
As fans of Manchester United would attest to, the feeling of happiness of a Ronaldo return would be significant in Madrid. Many fans still regard his departure as a dark day in the club’s history, and they feel his return would correct a mistake made by both parties.
Negatives of Ronaldo’s return
1. He would be a signing with little long-term value
At 36, Ronaldo isn’t an investment for the future so the cost to bring him back to the club would be virtually dead money. Even though he is physically fit, Real Madrid hope to rejuvenate their squad with youth and Ronaldo wouldn’t fit into that idea.
2. Ronaldo brings goals… and everything else
Signing Ronaldo guarantees goals, but it also guarantees the arrival of his tantrums, his anger and gestures of frustration towards his teammates. His desire to play every minute of every game would be there and that could cause problems in a dressing room that has gotten used to living without him.
3. His arrival would prevent the signing of other stars
Haaland and Mbappe are stars of the present and the future. They would be headline arrivals at Real Madrid, but if Ronaldo is there too, it would be impossible. Mbappe idolises Ronaldo, but he hates being in the shadow of Neymar at PSG, so he wouldn’t want to do the same in Spain.
4. His salary is astronomical
All of Florentino Perez’s diligent work to improve club finances throughout the pandemic would go out of the window by taking on Ronaldo’s 20-million-euro per season salary once more. In addition to the transfer fee, his salary would be higher than any other player at the club. This won’t go down well with those players who have struggled, as it is, to get a renewal at the club this term, most notably Sergio Ramos.
The era of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as the best two footballers in the world is coming to an end. There are new faces who will soon rise to the top, and Real Madrid needs to renew their dressing room with those players, and not live in the past by bringing Ronaldo back. If he returns, even for one season, it would setback the long-awaited plans for revolution in the Spanish capital.