There is a time of great transformation over at Peugeot. Earlier this year, the brand’s parent company, Groupe PSA, became Stellantis after accepting FCA’s marriage proposal, and the dust on this move is far from settled. And since there’s no better time to m…

In a bid to realign the entirety of its image with its more upmarket aspirations, Peugeot introduced this week the newest interpretation of its logo, the eleventh version since the lion first became associated with the brand more than a century ago.It is meant to replace the ten-year-old badge as the company moves to reposition itself on a more pretentious segment. The new logo will adorn as a coat of arms everything from the automaker’s websites to vehicles. It will be accompanied by a more comprehensive change in what the French brand is all about, a change whose full details will probably be revealed in stages.
“This coat of arms opens the way to a brand ecosystem that is not limited to its visual identity alone. It carries within it a deeper change. A shift in stance; a new state of mind; a new lifestyle,” the carmaker said in a statement.
“Peugeot’s objective is to offer its current and future customers a brand that meets their requirements. The Peugeot Brand is timeless. It is reinventing itself, over and over again.”
Historically, the lion logo has been with Peugeot since 1847, being used on the steel products the family by the same name used to make. From this perspective, it is, with all the changes it suffered since, the oldest logo in the industry, despite the fact it didn’t get to appear on cars until after the end of the Second World War, in 1948.