On Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari replaced the service chiefs who have been in office since 2015.Advertisement Before taking the action, there were calls for the president to remove the former

On Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari replaced the service chiefs who have been in office since 2015.
Before taking the action, there were calls for the president to remove the former service chiefs over rising insecurity.
When the president finally appointed new service chiefs, Nigerians took to Twitter to express how they feel over the development.
Below are some tweets:
On the appointment of new service chiefs.
Before we discuss diversity, let’s examine capabilities first. Will they be able to execute the tasks before them? Are they not just another set of incapable hands that would sit back and watch terrorism usurp territorial authorities?
E.L.A (@Adeagbo_Manuel) January 26, 2021
When we had a new minister and new ministery of power did we have electricity? When we had new minister of interior and new police minister and ministry did we experience internal security? Nigerians are deceiving themselves or they totally don’t understand what brings security
Gwarzo (@Gwarzo18) January 26, 2021
Don’t hold your breath. The most secure nation doesn’t rely on service chiefs for security. In fact Switzerland doesn’t have standing army. Security comes from fairness and justice not from spending 80% annual budget on 5% of the 200mil population in the public sector
Gwarzo (@Gwarzo18) January 26, 2021
May God make the change of Service chiefs beneficial to the fight against the insecurity. May they surpass their predecessors.
Jajeriantho (@Omarjajere_) January 26, 2021
These are the kind of BREAKING NEWS we long to hear in Nigeria, President Buhari has finally Fired the Service Chiefs.
This is Praiseworthy and Commendable.
Infact this evening am buying free Drink for everyone on
Lady Chi (@LadyChi001) January 26, 2021
Don’t be deceived, the newly appointed service chiefs may not perform better than the sacked ones. The man that need to be changed is Buhari himself, he is the anchor man.
jyde (@harmoje) January 26, 2021
Make no mistake, these are the BEST Service Chiefs the country’s ever had.We pray the incoming ones outperform them.pic.twitter.com/epfw69QQA8
Mi (@Im_MalaX) January 26, 2021
Finally, the birth of New Service Chiefs….Boko boys and Bandits, there is a new sheriff in town…..ur end is near #Servicechiefs
Dickson Eyinmosan jnr (@fabricall04) January 26, 2021
Replacement of service chiefs : By using *Resignations* & not *sacked* means that *They left reluctantly*!!!What a shameful act.
Muraina Akeem Olatunji (@MurainaOlatunji) January 26, 2021
hope the outgoing Service Chiefs will offer their assistance when required to enable the New SC succeed
I pray they succeed especially in the areas where the outgoing Chiefs failed: Security of life & property and making the issue of the Boko Haram terrorists a thing of the past
(@Mohnice_) January 26, 2021
It does no matter how long, we thank God he finally appointed new service chiefs. Let fresh minds do the job
East is bae (@Dominionik) January 26, 2021
Ope oooooo, fresh ideas and strategies is needed , cant keep sticking with same ppl and expect anything different from what we seeing …..
Abdul Abolade Major (@AboladeMajor) January 26, 2021
New service chiefs; new strategy, better PR and less tension except to traitors. I hope and pray
Akitiolu (@Alpha_Yom) January 26, 2021
President Buhari should help us beg Police IG, Adamu to follow the lead of the Service Chiefs & resign from office.
Tope Akinyode (@TopeAkinyode) January 26, 2021
Buhari changing his Service Chiefs will not change anything. We all know this, everything na just cruise.
Elvis Tunde (@Tunnykvng) January 26, 2021
It’s not final at all Inspector General of Police still in office and he should be sacked with the other service chiefs, they were on the same toes.
Those of you that gave all sorts of excuses as to why there was no need for PMB to replace Service Chiefs, now that he has replaced them, what’s your take?
KING KUKUTE (@Ade_Nurayn) January 26, 2021
Nigerian leaders don’t resign. They are either outrightly sacked or forced to resign by the head of their circus. If you really believe that 4 service Chiefs woke up and all decided to tender their resignation on the same day and time, I have a River to sell to you. 10K pere
Kelvin Odanz (@MrOdanz) January 26, 2021
Buhari legit said, the sacked Service Chiefs had Overwhelming Achievements.
Omo! Buharis standard of measuring success must be so low.
Th Abu (@TheoAbuAgada) January 26, 2021