Now Formula 1 has finally confirmed the full details of its Sprint Qualifying race plan, do you think it will enhance the 2021 championship?

The 2021 championship will not be improved by this. But as in case some new planned tracks, if they do not fit the current cars, they can fit later, and this is the last year of this formula without a major change. History repeats itself, as many other phenomenons in the world or in the universe (to me seemingly almost all) are periodical (and can be described, and very well approximated with some kind of composition of periodical functions).These sprint races are too long, to stir up the order, and reward too few to be appealing for the competitors.It can be a title decider, as most of these 1-2-3 points will be taken by the top2 or top3 teams’ drivers, which can make around 5 points difference between the champion and the runner up.
Apart from these downsides, and the fact that it messes with tradition, it could be somewhat worthy to watch and more spectacular in a season where the cars will be more nimble and struggle less in close combat due to less aero dependency, which means more consistent aero performance, even if it comes at the cost of lower downforce under usual circumstances (which I don’t mind at all, because that results in more challenge, and more spectacle).F1 should contrive the way, how to have distinct but simpler aero desings to achieve this.
Interestingly Danny Ricciardo spoke against the sprint races now, but as IIRC the told in one of the last few seasons, that he is quite bored with free practices, he would llike to jump in the car and race more often instead. But now he has less FPs, and a questionable spring-race-qualifying format in sight.
To extend the whatifery, what if they would try the following: let’s allow the entrants to do the sprint race without a pit stop, on a set of hards, meanwhile let’s provide two set of softs if someone wants to have a different strategy with one stop. The balancing should be calculated to achieve the that two approaches are as equally viable as possible, so provide for example C1 and C4, (or C1 and C3, so definitely not 2 neighbouring compounds, varying and recalculated by venue) as a tyre allocation for a particular sprint race to have sufficiently distinct durability and pace characteristics. Interestingly the C5 must be so vulnerable, that I barely remember those being fitted at races. Tyre management is very much part of racing, not a gimmick at all, but the narrow operational window is another thing, that is much worse.