Skoda recently revealed the emergency-services version of the Enyaq iV…

As New Zealand’s police force makes the transition from Holden Commodores to the new Skoda fleet, the government’s Clean Car Scheme have put the Superb’s emissions in the spotlight. 
Right now, the Superb models that the police will be using emmit 176 grams of carbon per kilometre, which puts it firmly in the ‘Zero Band’ when no fee or rebate needs to be issued. But what about emission-free patrol cars it turns out Skoda might have just the vehicle. 
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Beyond the relatively clean Superbs, the next step would be to move to an all-electric fleet, consisting of vehicles like Skoda’s all-electric Enyaq iV which was just revealed in emergency service guise. 
As part of the package, Skoda gave the Enyaq iV 360-degree lighting, as well as an integration of the emergency service system into the car’s regular touchscreen display. 
Currently, the Enyaq iV is only available in a rear-wheel drive form, but we can imagine that an all-wheel drive version will be released for emergency service use. 
These models use either a 62 kWh or an 82 kWh battery, and are capable of hitting 100km/h in around 8.5 seconds thanks to a shared torque figure of 310Nm. 
In terms of range, the bigger battery model should be capable of over 530km on a single charge. Fast charging capabilites mean that it should be able to go from 3-80% in around 40 minutes. 
The Enyaq iV has already been confirmed for New Zealand, but it might not arrive here until 2023. If the police decide to go with it, it might move this arrival date forward, but that remains to be seen.