Updated on 06/27/2021 07:05 PMA somewhat unusual event occurred in Play StoreWell, Google recently discovered a bunch of apps infected with a “malware”

A somewhat unusual event occurred in Play StoreWell, Google recently discovered a bunch of apps infected with a malware virus, but unfortunately, many users have already downloaded and installed these apps on their mobile phones. Find out all the details in the next note.
Before you are notified of infected apps, you should know what malware is.Malware is a computer virus and the term comes from two words: malware and software (Ware).
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These are able to enter any device when downloading infected programs or applications. When they take over our devices, whether it is a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, this virus attacks, infects and spies on them, impairing their normal working. The first thing we will see is our devices slow down and after that we will lose control of it.
In simple words, the goal of malware is to gain control of your computer through another remote device, and it is generally used by cybercriminals to steal personal data such as bank accounts, card numbers, passwords and even money.
According to the information from the “Computer Hoy” web portal, google apps The Store acted immediately when it detected these violations and removed the following apps from its download list:
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  • help message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • FreeCamScanner
  • super message
  • Object Scanner
  • go messages
  • travel wallpapers
  • Super SMS

Although these malware infected applications have been removed forever from Play StoreThere are still users who have not uninstalled the above mentioned apps from their smartphone, either because they don’t know it or because they don’t think it comes with some kind of computer virus; So, “Hoy computer” It recommends that you uninstall these applications immediately, so that cybercriminals cannot access our personal information.
true that Play Store Android is a fairly reliable site, however, every time you install an application through this platform, you must first look at the rating (stars) or comments from users who already have experience with the application.
It is also suggested that you install some type of antivirus to detect any malware. AVAST Mobile Security, Eset nod32 and Kaspersky are one of the best antivirus programs out there. Finally, it is advised not to install cracked apps in other locations except files google apps.