The gunman, who was killed by the police, had made “anti-Semitic and racist statements,” the Suffolk County district attorney said.

The victims were 53-year-old David Green, a retired Massachusetts State Police officer with 36 years of experience, and Ramona Cooper, a 60-year-old Air Force veteran who was still working with the military, Winthrop police officials said during a news conference on Sunday.
Ms. Cooper was shot three times in the back, Ms. Rollins said.
Mr. Green, who lived in the neighborhood, tried to stop Mr. Allen, but was shot four times in the head and three times in the torso, Ms. Rollins said.
An officer then shot and killed Mr. Allen after telling him to drop his weapon, the authorities said. The officer stopped a volatile and escalating situation, Ms. Rollins said.
Ms. Rollins said investigators were not sure why Mr. Allen was driving toward the neighborhood on Shirley and Cross Streets, but she said there are several synagogues in Winthrop.
We dont know where he was going; that is mere speculation, Ms. Rollins said. We do know he had anti-Semitic rhetoric written in his own hand.
Citizens of Winthrop offered help because they thought this individual, Nathan Allen, had just gotten in an accident, Ms. Rollins said. But they are alive and these two visible people of color are not.
Mr. Green was pronounced dead at the scene, and Ms. Cooper was taken to the hospital, where she later died from her injuries, the authorities said.