No more star marriages are likely to happen in 2021. Not even the long-delayed, long-expected Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt wedding.

February month being Number 2, which is for Moon as per the Vedic Astrology will play a significant role in our Mental & Emotional Well Being. Overall, the complete year 2021 is very Positive as per our previous Annual Numerology Predictions; however, we recommend that you focus on positive thoughts and feelings this month. If you find yourself ever in a low state of Energy or get negative thoughts and emotions, bring yourself back to the Positive & Higher State of Energy or Urja.Consult famous Tarot Reader, Poonam Beotra, now on Astroyogi. You can do that with Meditations, Reiki, NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ), Affirmations & Programming of your Subconscious Mind, EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ), Ho’oponopono Technique, to name a few. If you wish to Learn & Practice any of these Amazingly Powerful Healing Tools & techniques of Occult Sciences, you are more than welcome to click the below link & “Book Session “for the same. You can even use your computer or laptop to access the AY website and go to @Tarot Pooja Profile and use the “Book Session “Button to block a 30 Minutes slot for the same. This feature is not available through mobile phones at the moment. Here you will get Exclusive, One to One Guidance & Hand Holding on very Intense & Focussed subjects. An Investment that you will thank yourself for and will bring in Magical Transformational changes in your life. Now let’s see how this month of Love & Cupid will affect all of us & you can use your date of birth to arrive at a single-digit number between 1 to 9. In case of no date of birth, you may use the one mentioned on your Ids Number 1 – ( If you were born on 1, 10, 28) Number Of Sun Number 1s a perfect month is awaiting you. Along with the Leadership qualities of the Sun, you will also get a lot of Creative Ideas and will be able to Value add things wherever you want. A lot of Abundance is shown & there might be some financial gains as well. Please do not compare yourself with anyone else as we are all unique & the Qualities & Strengths that you have defines you. So don’t let your Confidence go down & continue working at your own pace. Remedy – Meditate on your Sacral Chakra Number 2 – ( If you were born on 2, 11, 20 ) Number Of Moon Number 2s this is when you can & should focus on your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and take a Journey within. Meditations, Reiki, Yoga, will help you immensely and keep your stress levels low. We see that there might be some tough times in your relationships with others that could exhaust you. Also at Work you might have to make some tough decisions, and hence Focus & Mental Balance will be very important. Invest your Time & Energies in your Growth. Remedy – Meditate on Third Eye Chakra These are Generalised Predictions for the masses; if you wish to get your Exclusive, Personalised Readings done along with the Powerful & Result-Oriented Remedies to Manifest your Desires into Reality, then you may call us & connect with our Occult Science Expert @Tarot Pooja. Number 3 – ( If you were born on 3, 12, 21, 30 ) Number Of Jupiter Number 3s some new beginnings are seen for you this month, it could be a new job, new home or a new relationship. This will be a big cause of Celebration & we see you in high spirits. However, you might also tend to overthink due to this, which is not required. We suggest you do not commit anything hardily or take any haste decisions that you might have to repent later. So go slow & go with the flow. Remedy – Meditate on Root Chakra Number 4 – ( If you were born on 4, 13, 22, 31 ) Number Of Rahu Number 4s an excellent time for you. Luck is in your favor for sure. You went through a lot last year as a Rahu number; you were impacted double in 2020 as the year’s total was 4 again, and hence it was a Rahu year. Now the time of your gains has begun. You have Grown & Evolved as a person and accepted Reality. Now is the time to sit back & enjoy the fruits of your previous hard Work Remedy – Meditate on Heart Chakra Number 5 – ( If you were born on 5, 14, 23 ) Number Of Mercury Number 5s you need to pay attention to your Focus this month as you will seem to be in a hurry always. It’s your year as the Year 2021 adds up to Number 5 only & is a planet of Travel Movement. So no need to hurry up and try to Concentrate on everything that you do. Some misses can happen this month, which is ok as not everything happens the way we want. Do not let this build up anger or frustration in you. Learn what the situation has to teach & move on. Remedy – Meditate on Solar Plexus Number 6 – ( If you were born on 6, 15, 24 ) Number Of Venus Number 6s this month brings in a lot of Hope for you. Things that you always wanted for a long time will happen now. This will bring happiness to your life. The only thing is to keep yourself disciplined in terms of your Health – be conscious of the food that you Intake & a regular workout will be a great idea. Some of you can find a new job or start a new venture too. Remedy – Meditate on Solar Plexus Chakra These are Generalised Predictions for the masses; if you wish to get your Exclusive, Personalised Readings done along with the Powerful & Result-Oriented Remedies to Manifest your Desires into Reality, then you may call us & connect with our Occult Science Expert @Tarot Pooja. Number 7 – ( If you were born on 7, 16, 25 ) Number Of Ketu Number 7s, you seem to be having some significant mood swings & anxiety this month. You might be worrying over things and thinking a lot. We strongly recommend that to beat the stress & remain Positive; you do some Healing & Meditations daily. Mental & Emotional stress ultimately leads to physical illness if not taken care. Treat this month as a time for your Inner Self Work. Remedy – Meditate on Crown Chakra Number 8 – ( If you were born on 8, 17, 26 ) Number Of Saturn Number 8s, a bad phase is over & you are heading towards a good time. For singles, a New Love Interest is shown, and the chances are that you might get engaged. If already in a relationship, then more Romance will come into your partnership. The only thing to remember is that both the partners maintain Equal Footing in a healthy relationship. So neither you nor your partner should try to dominate or manipulate. If this is taken care of, then you will surely be blessed by Cupid this month & enjoy the Bliss. Remedy – Meditate on Sacral Chakra Number 9 – ( If you were born on 9, 18, 27 ) Number Of Mars Number 9s, you will be working very hard this month & burning the midnight oil. Your entire focus will be on the professional side. This will give you very good results as your WorkWork will not only be Recognised but Appreciated too. The universe’s Blessings are also with you. So the total of Destiny + Karma both looks Excellent and will give you favorable results. A lot of Abundances are shown & there are chances of financial gains. Remedy – Meditate On Solar Plexus Chakra Talk to famous Tarot Card Reader Tarot Pooja on the Astroyogi astrologer app for guidance in love, career, business, finance-related issues. Download Now Tarot Pooja Certified International Expert ( Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, Reiki Grand Master ) Chakra | Color Therapy | Remedies #Astrology