Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide Reno Omokri has been attacked on social media over his choice of photographs attached…

By Ekaete Bassey
Former President Goodluck Jonathans aide Reno Omokri has been attacked on social media over his choice of photograph attached to a post about embattled DCP Abba Kyari.
In the post that appears suggestive, Omokri attached a photograph of Abba Kyari and Obi Cubana at the recently concluded burial of the latters mothers burial at Oba, Anambra State.
Referring to himself as a tableshaker, he wrote: Now that the lid has been blown off Abba Kyaris other room activities we await what the Nigerian Government will do with its so called super cop, whose recent pastimes has been to attend celebrity weddings and burials. This alleged FBI indictment must not be swept under the table because he shares ethnicity with Buhari.
We watch to see if Buhari will arrest Abba Kyari with the same speed and brutality with which he attempted to arrest Sunday Igboho. This will help us know whether some are more equal than others in Nigeria. Because if Abba Kyari was Igbo, by now he would have been suspended.
Imagine a so called super cop admitting that he was arranging for native wears to be sown and picked up for a known criminal. Is that the kind of houseboy work he should be doing? Who knows what other errands Abba Kyari runs for other known and unknown fraudsters?
But social media users queried Reno Omokris choice of photo as they noted there are so many other options displaying just Kyari he could have explored as they wondered why it had to be the one that also displayed Obi Cubana.rexcharles_official said: Hatred is all I see. Why post this photo whereas they are hundreds of Photos that captures Abba Kyari only. Your writeup is incomplete, as it concerns this very photo.
eduks0 wrote: Sir you can do better than this,why use this picture?there hundreds of Abba Kyari’s pictures on Google.
matinero_vibes stated: Why na this picture u come post? I believe u have Aba kyari picture Alone. Wat is obi doing behind ur caption? As an elder States man, you should promote peace and not shaking table….I thought u have young people learning from u and this is not the right way to talk about things. RESPECT ALL MAN.
Actress Adaora Ukoh asked: And why this Picture though?????
iamkennaofficial said: Good day sir…pls kindly post just Abba kyari picture.dont tag him and obi cubanna.all man for himself.thank you.
elvinohimself wrote: Y u dey post @obi_cubana pictures, i don dey watch u since dem do that burial, u just dey talk to the guy anyhw, u be jealous man oh, just talk wetin dey ur mind.
cruzing_patrick asked: But why use this picture???. Are u trying to say something else?
jo__nach stated: So why the picture with Obi cubana??? Reno if you know you’re clean come to Nigeria and talk, you are part of the thieves of the GEj/ Deziani administration. The picture with Abba and Obi is total reckless from you. Nonsense!!!
chiidishsuprisetray said: I am beginning to loose respect for you. What manner of hatred is this? Why this particular picture. If you have anything to say, you say it straight.
okereafor_onyinyechi wrote: With all due respect sir @renoomokri You cant tell us you dont have any other picture aside this. Even if you want to make a point using this group pic is very unnecessary. You are getting old by the day so please use your wisdom wisely. A single man here is the one in question, using this very pic is uncalled for!!!
eplayn stated: And this is the only picture you could see of Abba Kyari. The innuendo is so so clear.
pro.di.guy said: @renoomokri I use to hold you on a high but at this point, all I can say is that you have a biased mindset. Youre beginning to state that little by little. Why this group photo with obi Cubana? Make una change una mind first before asking president to change his. Disappointed.